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History's Renowned Mediums And Psychics

While the list of famous mediums in history can be quite extensive, here's a glimpse of a few of them.


Helen Duncan

Helen Duncan was born in Scotland in 1898, and her mediumship skills were reported to be in demand from the 1930's to the 1940's.  Helen used her special gift of mediumship to perform seances in Spiritualist churches, and in the homes of ordinary people, where she would bring forth a physical manifestation of the person's departed family member, relative or friend . In one occasion, Helen brought forth the spirit of a man who served in the British Royal Navy, although no one in the audience knew the guy was dead already. Her mediumship skills however was feared by the government, as they became wary that she would pose a threat to national security.  Because of this, she was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, for faking her mediumship activities, and she was even arrested by the police on a number of occasions.  She however, continued her mediumship services , and despite her attempts to prove her ability,  she was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment for violating the Witchcraft Act of 1735.   


Eusapia Palladino

Source: Wikipedia

Eusapia Palladino

Born in Minervo-Murge, Italy, Eusapia Palladino who was believed to have exhibited psychic powers when she was a young girl.  She was reported to have been frequently frightened at night by “invisible hands” who stripped her of her bed clothes, and by the sight of “eyes” glaring at her in the darkness.  A noted Italian psychic investigator named Signor Damiani discovered her, after his wife went to London , where another séance manifested and spoke of a powerful medium who was the reincarnated daughter of “John King”, and referred him to Palladino. Palladino is best known for her spectral appearances, the phantom limbs,  the phenomena of movements without contact, and the materialisation of full but incomplete images..    



Daniel Douglas Home

Source: Wikipedia

Daniel Dunglas Home

Daniel Dunglas Home was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is considered one of the most amazing mediums of the 19th century. In one of his early seances, people heard knocking noises, and the table where performed the ritual would vibrate, tilt and even rise from the floor. In some of his sessions, furniture, and even people began levitating, and mysterious hands would appear and start writing on pieces of paper. Home was even reported to have levitated himself in 1852.  However, many still accused him of fraud, despite the evidence provided by noted scientists who observed his sessions.




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