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Psychics have, for centuries, been popular figures, because of their ability to perceive events without seeing them, and for the capacity to predict the future, as well as sense a person's inner soul.  Almost everyone will know, or may have  probably heard of people like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Uri Geller, Jean Dixon, and others who have made bold predictions, and communicated with spirits and the souls of dead people. Here's a short listing of history's famous mediums.

What Does A Medium Do?

A medium  is someone who has the ability to communicate with spirits and the souls of dead people. This practice is also called mediumship, and while no scientific evidence has been presented to validate the ability of a medium, some scholars and parapsychologists have suggested that there has been evidence presented to show that some people have succeeded in communicating with the dead. There are different forms of mediumship, and the best form is where a certain spirit takes full control of the medium's voice, and uses the medium to relay messages. Other forms of mediumship include the presence of a voice, or an apparition. 

The medium possess one of the most powerful psychic powers: they have the third eye and the sixth sense, thus, they can see, hear, and feel the things that cannot be seen, heard, and felt by the physical eyes, ears, and sense of feeling.

Medium psychic or spiritual psychic readers are also classified into different kinds. They are the voice medium, the physical medium, and the mental medium.

The voice medium is the psychic who allows the spirit to use his or her voice to communicate with the living person. The physical medium allows his or her body to be used by the spirit to communicate with the physical world, and lastly, the mental medium uses his or her mind to communicate with the spirit of the dead.


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