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Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums or medium psychics are psychic experts who can contact a variety of spiritual entities residing in the crossover world. They may be ghosts, spirits of the dead people, benign spirit guides and angels. Psychic mediums are also called channels because they act as channels of communication with the people of this world and the spirits of the other world.

There are generally two methods the psychic mediums use to communicate with the spirits. First method is called trance and the other is called wakeful trance or direct mental contact method. The mediums, who use the trance method are called trance mediums and those who use direct mental contact method are called mental mediums.

Trance psychic mediums

Trance is a transcendental process in the realm of psychics. It is a sleep-like state, which is generally described as lying like a dead person. Like in case of a dead person, the spirit or the soul almost gets detached from the body of the medium, who goes into trance.    
The physical and mental energies of the psychic medium are taken over by the spirit whose contact they seek in their trance. The spirit that takes over the control of the psychic medium is called the spirit communicator. This process of going into trance is also called mediumship.

Two leading exponents of trance mediumship were Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts.
Edgar Cayce demonstrated his psychic mediumship powers through trance in the early 1900s. He gave thousands of readings in his life that resolved innumerable of health and other problems. The truth is that he remained in trance most of his life. So much so the readings, which were given free, cost him his health.

This earned him the name of ‘Sleeping Prophet.’ Once, a woman approached Cayce with a problem. He asked her if she would like to ‘talk the things over.’

"Yes," she answered, "but I want to hear what you say when asleep, Mr. Cayce, not when you're awake."

Cayce was completely unschooled. He never crossed 6th standard and yet he could diagnose the health problems with accuracy of the best of medical experts.
Dr. Wesley H. Ketchum, MD, himself as psychic diagnostician, was a contemporary of Cayce. He suffered from attacks of acute pain. He was diagnosed by as many as seven doctors that he was suffering from appendicitis. All of them advised surgery.
The learned doctor himself agreed with the doctors. He consulted Cayce, who attributed his pain to a ‘wrenched spine, which had caused nerve impingements and peripheral pains. He recommended osteopathic adjustments. With Cayce's treatment, the condition cleared, and Ketchum was never troubled with "appendicitis" again.

Another prominent trance medium psychic was Jane Roberts. She received her messages from her spirit guide Seth who came to be known as an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher. While Seth spoke through her when she was in trance, Jane’s husband would write them down. Seth was so prolific with his messages that Jane compiled them in form of books as Seth Material.

The most famous phrase, “You Create Your Own Reality” was coined by Seth. The message was so empowering that it literally launched the New Age Movement.
The books comprising Seth Material have sold over seven million and have been translated in 11 languages the world over.

Mental mediums

Mental mediums do not go into trance. They contact the spirits or the spirit guides with their psychic powers primarily the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, empathy etc. The main exponents of mental mediumship are John Edward, Slyvia Browne, Allison DuBois, James Van Praagh and many more.

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