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Aura Reading

Aura is the name of energy vibrations that assume the form of subtle light that every human being radiates. We often see the aura in picture form as a hallo around the heads of divine personalities, prophets, saints and sages. The picture is meant only to convey to the common people an idea of a hallo.

But an aura does not surround the head only. It engulfs the entire human body.

Actually the aura is too subtle to be seen with physical eyes. But even common people often sense/ experience the aura generated by those they interact with. This enables them to give an approximate description/estimation about the nature and character of that person.

This is how we have the common terms or expressions – a horrible/genial/detestable/amiable/awesome person. But they are just generalized expressions. They do not analyze the specific trait of the person in any detail.

But psychics or aura readers can. Each human aura is made up certain energy vibrations unique to various traits of nature of the person who generates them.  These vibrations take the form of different subtle, minute colors that can be seen only by the third eye of the psychics-aura readers. Aura readers provide detailed and specific psychic readings based upon their analysis of the auras.


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